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The site is located in the South-East of Vienna, in a former bread factory. The brief was to design a co-innovation space to the second floor of the front factory building. The space should be a meeting point for creatives who come here to work together and exchange their expertise.

The main area of the co-innovative space is the second floor. However, it is planned to build a third floor which would be commercial and where the layout would be more stable. The co-innovative space must be flexible in case of events and conferences.

The communication and interaction were found to be the most important values for co-innovation. Therefore, the main aim was to connect people and give them a platform for expression.

The platform for communication is the Die Brotfabrik app where people can put in information about their projects, skills, current needs, book a room or offer their expertise.

A creative can sign up in the app and fill in his profile. He can ask for help and a notification will appear on the screens of others.

The app will also provide an overlook over the space and show what is happening in different rooms. Where are the people concentrated or if there is an meeting or conference on. It is easier to control the space and book a room for work.

As bioplastics are sustainable, we wanted to explore its possibilities and use it as a material for a membrane. Cooking glycerol and gelatine with water we got an elastic sheet of bioplastic. However, the elasticity of the bioplastic is only temporary and it is lost as the sheet is drying. Therefore, the material choice had to be reconsidered.

The design solution must provide a flexible space division. The membrane was found as a suitable physical form for its flexibility and ability to divide space.

Group project done by: Jonathan Tran I Vojtech Kordovsky I Marie Anette Veesaar | Tereza Chytilova

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