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The technological boom of our time is often linked with the loss of the "natural" at the expense of the "technological". At the same time, the issue of interspecies cooperation arises, or the effort to create a coactive space in which individual species work together or independently of each other; space enabling human synergy, technology and organic growth of nature. Is it possible to create such a space? And if so, what is the relationship between the individual subjects of this system? Reducing carbon emissions, producing oxygen, saving species or reclaiming ecosystems - these are the themes more urgent today than ever before. The romantic vision of nature is becoming more and more distant, separated from us by the noise of engines, concrete fields or the light smog of cities. Virtual environments, software and algorithms cost in the background the functioning of different layers of society of life. The Microflows project explores the possibilities of interconnection biological intelligence microalgae - the oldest unicellular organisms - and humans, within a dynamic internal structure using technology to interspecies cooperation. The technological landscape in the exhibited prototype photobioreactor uses two basic elements - movement and light - to cultivate the photosynthetic medium. The movement of the medium in transparent vessels and tubes ensures optimal circulation and constant flow in space, while working with natural and artificial light, photosynthetic growth in cultivation units. The passage of installations becomes a spatial experience, the visitor has the opportunity to discover and perceive the relationships and connections between the sphere of technology, microbiology and spatial art within an organized system of circulating media in closed circuits.

Photo: Tomáš Zumra

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